Discovery Assist

Get in front of potential customers, faster
We believe the most compelling and contrarian insights come from hundreds of conversations with potential users and buyers. Most early founders don’t have a deep rolodex, but even if you do, lining up the perfect conversations is hard and time consuming. By unlocking your next wave of customer conversations, Discovery Assist gets you there faster. We’ll make the intros, you focus on the conversations.
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The Discovery Experience

For pre and early product founders honing their startup idea, Discovery Assist is the fastest way to move forward with Customer Discovery. By tapping into First Round’s deep network of startup builders and Fortune 1000 operators, we help you skip months of asking for favors, opt-ins, failed intros and “sorry for the delay” replies.

Working one-on-one with you and your co-founders, we'll deliver 15-20 curated discovery conversations over 3-5 weeks. We’ll help you nail down the right persona, build out a discovery pipeline, and incorporate the results back into your roadmap. If we’ve done our job, Discovery Assist will unearth a new set of insights you can use to test your hypotheses, bolster conviction and move your startup into its next phase. It's the customer discovery sprint we think every founder should do.

Over the next month, our team is opening a limited set of slots for early founding teams. Request an invite below!
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The Discovery Network

We make the introductions, you focus on the conversations.
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Common Questions

Who should apply?
Any founder or team that is actively exploring an idea but still pre-product.
Does this cost anything?
No. This product is focused entirely on opening up access to our network and helping people land on great ideas. There is no cost or equity agreement required to participate.
What’s the ideal stage?
The ideal stage is any founder who is actively exploring an idea but still pre-product. Maybe you’re still at your current company and have been exploring an idea. Or perhaps you’ve recently left your full-time role and are starting to dig into a specific problem by talking to customers. You might have raised a small pre-seed round or have already been running your own discovery process over the last couple months.  
Can I apply if I don't have a proven concept?
Yes! Even if you do have a solution in mind, the goal of discovery assist is to accelerate your customer conversations and help you develop a higher fidelity vision.
How many founders or teams will be accepted?
Think of us as your Customer Discovery concierge. The number of teams in active sprints will depend on the total capacity of our team. Rolling acceptances will give us the flexibility to admit as many team as we can. This number will grow quickly as we continue to scale.
What's the application timeline?
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
If accepted, what is the time commitment?
An onboarding session, short weekly check-ins, and a closing recap at the end. Customer conversations will be staggered over several waves of intros.
Can I join the program if I’m not based in the Bay Area?
Yes! All sessions and conversations will be virtual. We encourage founders and teams anywhere in the US to apply!
What if I’m not building an enterprise company?
Consumer sprints coming soon! Sign up here for updates
What structure or support do you provide outside of intros?
We're committed to helping you perfect your pitch, identify questions that will help you pull out insights from your conversations, shadow your discovery conversations to share feedback, and help you zoom out to identify themes